Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

I just finished a custom order for an Etsy buyer... She wanted a custom cat pillow that looked like her cat Georgie. This is the first cat that I have made that is orange and I love how it turned out. Sandra also sells on Etsy and has some really neat things in her shop... be sure to check it out....


  1. Too Cute!.....would love to have one of those...


  2. I have an orange cat too! Adorable. Cathy

  3. Thanks for the mention, Barbara!

    I'll be taking more pictures and using both the orange "Georgie" cat and the black "Jasper" cat I bought from you, probably next week when I'm through my backlog of photos. Anyone reading this is welcome to visit my Hummingbird Ministry Charity Shop (, where I have over 300 various items and 100% of all net proceeds go to animal rights and environmental charities. Look for those cute cats of Barbara's, and think about ordering your own -- I'm already thinking of a couple of friends to order some for Christmas! Blessings to all, Sandra