Monday, July 12, 2010


See a pin and pick it up,
All the day you'll have good luck;
See a pin and let it lay,
Bad luck you'll have all the day.

Decided to work on a couple Pin Keeps. These are my own designs and were alot of fun to make. I have them listed on my Etsy Shop. 
I've got a few more in the works and when I'm finished I'll post some pics. Heading to the thrift shops later in the week looking for old hat pins, needles, safety pins, bobbins and anything old and cool that I can ad to my Pin Keeps.


  1. I love these--so creative. Being from Iowa, I really do love this pig!!!!
    And the adaptation of 'find a penny', quite thought-provoking......

  2. oh my goodness...these are great...i love them...

  3. Love the pig he/she is sooo cute.
    lots of talant there.

  4. Muy simpáticos los dos
    Muy creativos
    Saludos desde España