Monday, June 18, 2012

One Vote Can Help So Many!

I'm posting today in hopes of helping my friend Janelle qualify for a $250,000 Grant to help her expand her business  Muddy Rose Pottery. Janelle's passion and main focus of her business is to offer her Therapeutic Clay Program to individuals with
 Intellectual and Physical Disibilities. 
There are many interested individuals awaiting their turn to attend the program
 but unfortuately they are just a small studio and do not have enough room.

The pic below is one of her wheelchair students using a specialized pottery wheel made specifically for individuals in a wheel chair...right now they only have 1 of these...
 but have many more individuals waiting their turn to attend a class.

Please help them to continue to help others by spreading the word about their need to expand. The first step to qualify for the $250,000 grant is to get 250 one time votes
 by June 30th.
Follow this link and enter Muddy Rose Pottery as the business you support and vote for them.
I appreciate everyone taking the time to help out.