Monday, October 29, 2012

Meet Martha the Crow!!!

I had such a fun time making Martha for my friend Sharon. Sharon has a store called Shair's Crows Nest and she needed an "Official Greeter" for the store.  The last "Official Greeter" for
the store was Marty the Crow.
 Marty was not for sale... but when a lovely family came in to shop they fell in
love with Marty and insisted that they must have was very hard to part
with Marty but Sharon decided to let Marty go live with the lovely family.
Their last name was Crow!!!

 Sharon now needed a new "Greeter" ...
Everything I had on hand was for a girl
nothing for a boy.I gave her a beautiful straw hat with
a sunflower, a nice striped blouse and jeans,
a darling pearl necklace
and couple of babies to tuck in her apron...
and this is how Martha came to be.

If your ever in the area be sure to stop in and say Hi! to Martha and the Kids at Shair's Crows Nest
located on the first floor of The Christmas Shop
Rt. 40,   Chalk Hill, Pa. 15421

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